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What is the Blogit Program?

MTLChic has services that can help your business reach more customers on a daily basis from the time you sign up. This is fact, and we are proving ourselves and our services to 100's of new companies that have joined the network. This Blogit Program allows us to write you a professional blog for your business. You must include your Blog Post image (photo of your business, logo, or product(s)) which we will then :

1. Create the Blog Post on www.mtlchic.com

2. Link and Share your custom Blog Post to our Social Media Channels and MTLChic's members to guarantee visibility.

*This service is available to businesses that want more visibility online, and locally, and it also helps with their SEO. Google and other major Search Engines are attracted to unique blogs, and tend to rank the business higher in their search results.

* We recommend a business create more than 1 blog post regularly. Our reach is over 150,000 local members to our website and social medias.


Our Blogit Program is available for businesses of all types:

Receive maximum hits to your website and/or social media(s) with a Custom Professional Blog Post.


  BLOG [0 to 250 words] [$100.00 BUY NOW]



  BLOG [250 to 500 words] [$200.00 BUY NOW]



 BLOG [500 to 750 words] [$300.00 BUY NOW]



 BLOG [750 to 1000 words] [$400.00 BUY NOW]


 [Add $50.00 to one of the packages above | BUY NOW] | [Video Post Pro]

How can you benefit from our Blogit Program?

With a custom Blog Post, your business will receive maximum visibility online. This is the advantage you need to maintain your position online. With MTLChic, we do not simply create a custom Blog solution, we use keywords and key phrases related to your industry and your business. This will also guarantee a boost in your search rankings. If you are not so familiar with common SEO Practices online, just know that we will ensure your company gains maximum visibility online. You can read about SEO and how important this is to your business online.

Any questions please contact us directly at 1.888.672.5379 or email us at info@mtlchiconline.com or click here.

Blogit Benefits :

    Professional Custom Blog Article

    Content-rich Blog, Optimized for SEO

    Highly Informative Blog Post

    Attract more Customers

    Engaging and Plagiarism Free Content

    Post your Blog to the entire MtlChic Social Network

    • and much more...
    • Email: mtlchiconline@gmail.com

MTLChicOnline can build your Business and Online Presence

Let MTLChicOnline build your online presence using various techniques such as: Rich Media, Social Media Networking, Custom Blogs, Online Business Directory Submission, SEO, SEM and more.